How to Freeze Pies Like a Pro

You know how it’s tradition to freeze the top level of your wedding cake for your one year anniversary? Well, you have to make sure that the cake is actually edible a year later. After talking to the local bakery that is making the wedding cake for our wedding in October, I realized there were very few tricks to follow for freezing baked goods. I can summarize them all in one word: airtight. I was told to place the cake in a small container/box and wrap the box extremely well in plastic wrap. That’s it. Simple enough. Coming from a highly respected bakery in town, I certainly am taking this advice to heart.

(I wonder if I could use the same logic for pies… cookies… anything.)

I’ve frozen many cookies before but only a few pies, so I really thought I was going to need some good advice on how to do it. Cookies are simple – just put them in a Ziploc freezer bag and you’re all set. But pies? When I have frozen pies before, I wrapped them well (very well) in plastic wrap and then tightly in aluminum foil. I also used a permanent marker to write the name of the food on the aluminum foil, i.e. blueberry pie, chicken pot pie, etc. so I wouldn’t have to open each package to check what it was.

The pies I did came out of the freezer fine but I looked up tips on how to freeze pies just in case I was missing something. The overwhelming majority of advice I encountered all said to do what I had been doing and what the bakery told me to do: use cling wrap. I guess the secret ingredient in a recipe for success when freezing pies is plastic wrap.

how to freeze pie using plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is a phenomenal way to freeze pies for a later date.

If I have the choice between freezing unbaked or baked pies, I prefer freezing unbaked pies. This way, instead of reheating a previously baked pie, it will be like I’m making it fresh for the first time. That’s my opinion, but either way works for the most part so feel free to do whatever you like more. Note: custard pies and cream pies are best served fresh and should not be frozen.

Here’s the bottom line: it is critical for any and all food items to be airtight in the freezer. Plastic wrap is a convenient, useful, popular choice when freezing baked goods because it wraps tightly around anything. For extra protection in the freezer, I like adding aluminum foil around the plastic wrap just to be sure.

how to freeze pie using aluminum foil

After I use plastic wrap, I cover the pie in aluminum foil for extra protection in the freezer and write the name of the food on it so I don’t forget.

What are some of your helpful hints on how to freeze pies or other baked goods?