EZ Pockets Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious EZ Pockets recipes, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND dessert! There’s something for any time of day. All of these recipes were made with tasty ingredients and the convenient EZ Pockets pie pan. Try some of our recipes and see for yourself how amazing these pockets are – you’ll probably fall in love with them like we did!

Chicken Pot Pie Pocketschicken pot pie pocket recipe

Is there a more classic comfort food than chicken pot pie? These chicken pot pie pockets are great to make during cool weather – or anytime. Because the EZ Pockets pan makes individual pocket pies, you can easily hold your chicken pot pie pocket in your hand while you’re sitting on the couch and snuggled up under a blanket or two. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of chicken pot pie in the warmth and comfort of your living room couch. Maybe you should bring two delicious pockets just in case you’re too cozy to get up for seconds!

apple pie pockets recipe


Apple Pie Pockets

Apple pie… what a signature dessert! This EZ Pockets recipe for apple pie pockets is ideal. They are the perfect size for a small appetite or finger foods at a get-together. For a bigger appetite, just pop a couple of apple pie pockets on your plate (and maybe add some ice cream, too!) and enjoy every bite.

cherry pie and blueberry pie pockets recipe


Cherry Pie and Blueberry Pie Pockets

Made with only three delicious ingredients, these cherry pie and blueberry pie pockets are easy to make and easy to eat. Can’t decide on what flavor of pie you’re craving? With just one EZ Pockets recipe, you can make two types of pie! You can make cherry pie AND blueberry pie together in one easy-to-use pie pan. Everyone can get what they want with the convenience of EZ Pockets.

Breakfast Pie Pockets

Running short on time but want to make a delicious breakfast? This EZ Pockets recipe makes mornings a snap. Make these breakfast pockets that are easy to whip together, can bake while you’re getting ready for work, and are the perfect size to eat on the go. These breakfast pockets make great options for children running off to school too – stuff these breakfast pockets with healthy ingredients and rest assured that your children are getting a good start to their day!


Almost Lasagna Pie

Not quite lasagna but definitely just as delicious, these “Almost Lasagna Pie” pockets are just the thing to make for a quick and easy dinner. Packed with flavors of ricotta cheese, peppers, onions, and more, you’re bound to enjoy all the tastes of this yummy dinner recipe!


Meatball Pockets

If you love the tastes of spaghetti and meatballs, you’ll probably love meatball pocket pies too. Enjoy the comfort of warm, flavorful meatballs stuffed in your favorite pie crust. Grab a meatball pocket, sit on the couch, and forget about the mess of a traditional meatball dinner. EZ Pockets makes it easy to enjoy delicious dinners, such as these meatball pockets, with the convenience of not having to use forks, knives, or spoons – you’re welcome!

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  1. hi I like to know is there a number that I can have. so I can talk to some one so I can ask some questions. about this item that I want to buy. thanks eric

    • Bennett,

      The round 6-pocket EZ Pockets pan is just over 12” in diameter so it will not fit into your 9×12 toaster oven. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will consider using this handy product if you have access to a conventional oven.

  2. I ordered a set for a birthday gift, when the present was opened I had received two of the round pans and not the square pan. There is a big problem when you call back with problems and all that is available is a computer that cannot help you out with problems. Just wants to take an order. Do not purchase these pans by phone!!. Wait 6 months and walmart will be carrying them. At least then you can return them if they are packaged incorrectly. Where is quality in the pick/pack finished goods department? I want to return these to supplier and get a full refund and my shipping and handling back and never order from them again.

    • Bonnie,

      We are sorry you received two round pans instead of one round pan and one rectangular pan. You are the first person to mention this problem and it was likely a simple packing mistake. We’re sorry that you had trouble reaching someone to speak to about this issue. Our ordering and customer service phone numbers are different, and it sounds like you called the phone number for ordering. Please give us a call at (203) 852-0024 where a live person will be happy to assist you.

      • Hi LindaDawn,

        We are happy that you got a good deal on the EZ Pockets pan and hope you enjoy making all the fun recipes at home. If you like your EZ Pockets pans and want to purchase more (it makes a great gift!), you can order the complete line of EZ Pockets pie pans, including exclusive sizes available only online, from the official EZ Pockets website.

    • Tamela,

      Thank you for showing an interest in our blog. Our blog is fairly new and we are posting articles and recipes as much as we can so we hope you stick with us as we expand and grow. In fact, if you subscribe to our blog, you’ll get an email whenever we post a new recipe. Stay tuned for Thanksgiving articles and recipes that would make delicious additions to any Thanksgiving meal! But don’t wait for us to tell you what to make – almost any pie, pocket pie, or hand pie recipe can be adapted for EZ Pockets, and it’s fun to come up with your own recipes and fillings too. If you try something new, be sure to let us know!

  3. Can you tell me how much filling goes into each pocket? Be it the square or the triangle. If it holds enough, I would order several. I would make plenty for my large family and freeze them.
    Thank you,

    • Howard,

      We are so happy you’re interested in using the EZ Pockets to prepare and make meals for your family. The original, 6-pocket triangular pan holds about 1/3-1/2 cup of filling per pocket whereas the 12-pocket rectangular pan holds about 1/4-1/3 cup per pocket.

      In all of the recipes we’ve tried with our taste testers, everyone has been extremely pleased with the filling to crust ratio and we hope you feel the same!

    • Jem,

      We are sorry but we cannot give you an exact listing of individual stores in Canada that carry EZ Pockets because we only handle the U.S. division. Your best bet would be to call or visit local stores. Best wishes!

      • Hi there, just to let you know I just bought the 4 piece set from Bed, Bath and Beyond in Ont, Canada. It was $19.99 and I had a 20% off coupon so I got a deal. Hope you find them….

      • Pauline,

        Thanks for the tip! We’re happy you got the EZ Pockets pans and hope you enjoy using them like we do!

    • Kim,

      Like all non-stick bakeware, the EZ Pockets pan is not dishwasher safe and should only be hand-washed. The non-stick coating makes the pans fast and easy to wash though!

  4. I bought this at Walmart last week, and decided to use it for the first time today to make Cornish pasties. They turned out perfect! Much easier than hand rolling and cutting the dough for each individual pasty like I had to do before.

    • Lizzey,

      We’re so glad you are enjoying the pan! That’s exactly why the EZ Pockets pan is here – to make things easier. We would love to see your creations. Please consider sharing your pictures with us on Facebook so we can all see how the EZ Pockets worked for you. Just go to facebook.com/ezpockets to post your pictures. Keep enjoying it!

  5. Thanks everyone,
    Since I could not find the EZ Pockets in Quebec, someone brought me a set when they went to visit family in Ottawa.
    Can’t wait to try them.

  6. My sister sent me a set of these pans as a gift i used them one time , when i washed them with dawn dish soap and my kitchen sponge the 6 pan looks all scratched the other one is fine
    Please respond asap thanks

    • Gail, we’re sorry to hear that your EZ Pockets pan has scratched. Like any nonstick material, the EZ Pockets pan is sensitive to anything rough so only use the soft side of your kitchen sponge when you clean it. If you did use that side and there is still a problem with scratching, please contact the company your sister used to purchase the gift for you. If she bought it from getezpockets.com, please call (203) 852-0024 so we can further assist you.

  7. I just ordered a set,I can not wait to get my set.date ordered 12/18/13. how long will it take me to get what I ordered exactly from the date I ordered it.

    • Patricia, I am sorry but we do not have exact dates for shipping or delivery. Our warehouse processes tens of thousands of orders per day and does everything they can to ship orders as quickly as possible. Per the order confirmation page when you ordered, the lead time right now for orders is 2 to 6 weeks. I understand that you are looking for an exact date, but I cannot furnish you with that information at this time. We will communicate with you through email as the warehouse updates the status of your order and once it has been fulfilled and shipped to you. If you need any assistance between now and when your order ships, please give us a call at (800) 554-5925 and we will be happy to assist you. (Please note – it can take up to 48 hours for your order to be processed and trackable by phone.)

  8. I received the ez pocket pans for a Christmas gift, my mom purchased it at a bed,bath&beyond store. It says it has the triangle pan the rectangle pan the trimming tool and a recipe book, but when I opened it, there was no recipe book in the box. How can I get a recipe book? I cant wait to try out these pans!!

    • Hi Sheila, You can download a copy of the recipe booklet here. If you would like a physical copy, you’ll need to exchange the set you have at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Thank you for being excited to try EZ Pockets!

  9. I purchased the 8 slot pan for my mom as her Christmas gift & when I got it, there was no instructions or anything. just the pan itself. did I order wrong? or was it simply missing? waiting for a reply, thanx!

    • Rose, We haven’t tried crescent roll dough so we can’t say for sure but it’d be worth a try! If you use it, press the creases together with your fingers before you place the dough into the pan and make sure the dough covers the whole pan. Let us know how it goes!

  10. Just purchased my EZ Pocket Pan today from BiMart. Made a cherry pie pockets. My husband loved it and said that the crust was so flaky. Can’t wait to try more recipes. Will be great when kids and grandkids come to visit. :-)

    • Sheryl, that’s great! We loving hearing how much you and your family love the EZ Pockets pan already! Enjoy!

  11. I didn’t receive everything there was no cutter in my package how am I suppose to seal and cut them now I have to wait another 2 weeks til this gets resolved or mailed. It said delivery would me here 1/7/14 and it sat at Fed ex hub for 2 days and then the post office delivered 2 days later. and now I don’t even have everything I need when I have been anxiously waiting .

    • Hi Virginia, I’m sorry you did not receive the dough cutter with your order. It sounds like you may have already spoken to someone and a new one is on its way to you. If this is not the case, please call 203.852.0024 to have a new dough cutter sent right out to you. In the meantime, you can try using a pastry cutter or other rolling cutting utensil, provided it has a plastic surface and is not metal.

  12. Can you make ez pockets ahead of time and freeze them? How do you adjust the baking recipe if you can do this?

    • Absolutely! You can make however many EZ Pockets pies you’d like and freeze them for a later time. I’ll refer you to our article on how to freeze pies for some guidance – you won’t need to change the baking recipe at all. Check out this information on how to cook frozen pies so you’ll be prepared any time! Enjoy!

  13. Are there other pans/sizes available currrntly? Website only shows how yo order or download recipe book. Other pans would be great!

    • Barb, that’s a great question! If you order the original EZ Pockets pan from our website, you will have the opportunity before checkout to buy other pans like the 12-pocket square pan. We hope you enjoy them all!

  14. I received an EZ Pockets pan set for Christmas and I LOVE it. I live alone, so it’s hard to make something like a pie without having it go to waste – I can only eat so much pie at one time! I’ve made both savory and sweet pies and everything has turned out great, and they freeze easily so that I can save the leftovers for later. What a great idea! I’m definitely interested in hearing more recipes that have worked well for others.

    • Laura, that’s great! We love hearing that you love the EZ Pockets pan and find it so convenient. What recipes have you tried so far and which ones are your favorites?

      • So far I’ve made fruit pies (cherry and peach) and chicken pot pies. I loved the chicken pot pie – it froze really well, and has been great for leftovers! I’m going to try the meatball recipe next. I’d love to hear other savory recipe ideas!

  15. I made some great chicken pocket pies tonight with regular pie crust. However, it took forever for them to brown even slightly. Also I am trying to figure out a recipe that will allow an egg to keep a somewhat runny yolk. Will post if I can finagle it!

    • Olivia, with all the pies we have made using both store-bought crust and homemade crust, it takes no longer than 18-20 minutes (at 350 degrees) for it to turn golden brown and be ready to eat. I wonder if, perhaps, the temperature wasn’t high enough for your specific oven. Since ovens do vary, you could try increasing the temperature by 25 degrees to see if that gives you the results you want. I hope you find a recipe you like and be sure to post it here if you do!

  16. I was just wondering if i order off bed bath and beyond, will they post to Australia?
    And what do you use so the pastry doesn’t stick?

  17. We just tried the ez pocket pan and made pizza pockets. The cutter would not roll or cut the dough easily. Is there any suggestions to fix problem.

    • We’re sorry that you’re not finding the dough cutter easy to use but here are some suggestions: 1. Line up the dough cutter with the grooves in the pan and make sure it stays in the groove while rolling, and 2. Apply pressure when rolling the dough cutter through the grooves and it should glide very easily.

  18. I just got my ez pockets and couldn’t wait to try them. I made raspberry pies and they turned out great. Can’t wait to try other kinds. I cook all the time so will be trying a lot of new things. thanks for a great product.

    • Ruth, we love hearing that! We’re thrilled that you love our product – we hope you try a bunch of recipes with it!

  19. hey I got your pans but they were not finised so sending them back for u to send me new ones a hurry or call me

    • We’re sorry that the pans you received weren’t in the best condition but we hope you enjoy the replacements! If you need additional assistance, please call us at (800) 554-5925.

    • Sarah, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Please call us at (800) 554-5925 for further assistance.

  20. I purchased my EZ pocket at Bed bath & Beyond and used it for the first time today to make the buffalo chicken pockets from the recipe book. They turned out great! I used dough with one pan and pie crust with the other. I prefer the flaky pie crust. I plan to make peach cobbler pockets for Easter tomorrow. I can’t wait to use the pans again!

    • We’re thrilled that you like the EZ Pockets pans! They’re so easy and convenient. We hope you enjoyed the peach cobbler pockets and everything else you’ll be making with EZ Pockets!

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